Mobile crane transport services, for who and what?

Mobile crane transport has many uses, so it is worth it to ask: who is mobile crane transport for, and what is this equipment suitable for? Who uses mobile cranes the most?

Mobile crane capabilities

Hydraulic mobile lifts are characterized primarily by mobility, therefore they are popularly used in transporting single containers or multiple pallets, among other applications. The deployment of the mobile crane takes much less time than that of a traditional, static crane.

Transporting a machine with a mobile crane can be very efficient if it does not exceed a certain size. Then loading, unloading and transport of a machine can be done with one piece of equipment, which is economically advantageous. The dimensions of the machine must not exceed 7 meters in length, because this is what the semi-trailer-mounted mobile crane allows. The maximum weight is much more difficult to determine; it can range from 12 to 17 tons, so it’s important to inquire about specifics.

Mobile cranes can do much more if they are used solely for loading and unloading. The lifting capacity of the machine allows you to lift equipment and materials weighing up to several tons. When it comes to the reach of the boom, it largely depends on how heavy the materials are.

The vehicle a crane is mounted on, is of great importance for the capabilities of the mobile crane. Of course, the best performance comes from those mounted on trucks (or lorries). Those mounted on buses and vans have much lower parameters.

Who uses mobile cranes?

Mobile cranes are frequently used wherever it is necessary to transport equipment or material. They are very commonly used in construction, where it can be used to significantly improve the work, for example by delivering pallets with material to higher floors or transporting them within the construction site.

Mobile cranes are also the first choice when it comes to transporting containers, because they perfectly match the size of a single container. They are used here both by large companies that transport dozens of containers, and smaller companies who, for example, want to put a single container on a plot for advertising purposes.

Even private individuals who want to move various kinds of structures within their plot can do so with the help of mobile cranes. Often this is combined with different types of construction work.

To sum up, mobile hydraulic cranes, thanks to the combination of two functions, transport and lifting, have dozens of applications, and their help can be used by many different types of industries. However, remember that crane operation is also important. At OKSEL you will find crane operators who will not let you down. Contact us today!