One contractor and supervision for every contact - this is how Oksel operates.

Relocation specialists at Oksel can do all the required installation work related to connecting a machine to the necessary utilities. We can transport and program robots. We program PLC systems. We also make a secure copy of software and electrical measurements.

Does your machine or production line need power, cooling, air and oil? OKSEL’s technicians can make your machine operational.

We offer the following services:

  • facility installation;
  • industrial gas systems;
  • electrical systems;
  • hydraulic systems;
  • pneumatic systems;
  • water systems.

Modern industry is based on advanced machinery operating in a closely coordinated manner. Therefore, constructing a new industrial facility can be quite challenging. It is important that industrial systems be deployed not just efficiently, but also safely. Our company’s track record includes dozens of projects, and that is why facility installation of even the most complex systems is not a problem for us. We approach each project with due diligence, completing individual stages in accordance with an agreed upon, detailed work schedule.

The quality of work that we perform is our top priority. We acknowledge that the industrial automation systems we install have to be prepared for technical acceptance on time, while complying with the manufacturer’s standards. We undertake installation of non-standard systems, requiring the extensive means and resources. Our qualified staff and extensive technological resources guarantee your satisfaction. We also monitor process commissioning, organize training on machine operation and make backups of control software.

In the field of industrial relocations, we advise on the installation and construction of various systems, such as electric, hydraulic, pneumatic or water.

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