Since 2017 we have been building our new headquarters at the A4 highway near Zabrze.

TThe OKSEL Company was established in 1999 in Katowice. The experience accumulated from its inception to the present day has allowed us to provide services at the highest level. The company culture is rooted in traditional values, which, when combined with our dynamic development allow us to serve customers in an innovative and efficient way. Owing to our qualified staff and a wide range of services, we are specialists in our field.

Company philosophy
We believe that progress is the future. We set our hopes and plans on future. Anything new is positive and replaces the old. This belief is the driving force of our progress and allows for planning the future. To leave the old behind and look ahead with optimism, the right approach is needed. This applies particularly to our field. If you need a competent, well-organized and trustworthy partner, OKSEL is the right choice.

The main goal of the OKSEL Company is safety. We exercise utmost care in dealing with health and safety issues as well as protection of the property entrusted to us. We are currently introducing the ISO 9001 quality management system. We chose DEKRA as our certifying body because we want to be the best. Our €1.25 million policy makes us a trusted partner even for the most demanding customers..

We follow our customers’ needs and are there for them. From the very beginning of our activity in the market, we have been trying to become a leader in the industry. This is possible due to our focus on the client. Our company puts customer services at the center of its activities. We know what our customers need and expect, and how to best serve them. If you also want to commit to customers, you would be a good fit at our company. If you are interested in working at OKSEL, just send your CV to the address biuro@oksel.eu