Relocations, moving of machinery and production lines

Relocations with Oksel are always done efficiently, safely and without unnecessary risk.

Regardless of whether we are moving single machines or an entire production department, we understand your specific needs concerning machinery relocation.

Industrial relocations and moving of machinery are complex processes which contain many small details. You need a professional partner who knows how to carry it out from beginning to end. We know and understand these issues, and that is why we are the "machinery relocation specialists".

Oksel performs relocations in Poland and around the world.

Business today is controlled by money and politics. Industrial plants usually open in places where production is profitable and local political conditions are conducive to growth. In the event of a change of one of those elements, production often gets moved to another location. Another reason for relocation is the lack of sufficient area for plant expansion. To some extent, economic processes force company development and that is why it is such an important part of the operation of any enterprise.

The relocation process is not an easy undertaking. It requires commitment and the right number of resources in order to run smoothly and on schedule.

We help in the relocation of both individual machines and entire production lines. We perform comprehensive activities in this field, starting with planning, and followed by disassembly of machinery or production lines. We also take care of the transport and assembly of equipment or production lines at destinations. Each machinery relocation performed by us is efficient–we optimise all means and resources so that our services are competitive and still maintain a high level of safety.

As professionals, we are aware that a process as complex as machinery relocation requires accuracy and precision. With each relocation of production lines or machinery, we draw on our extensive experience, which allows us to achieve high efficiency and satisfaction for every customer.

Our impressive expertise in this regard is evidenced by our letters of reference. Also, feel free to read about the projects that we have completed successfully.

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