Transport and relocation of heavy loads, safes, servers, and pianos

OKSEL – specialist transport and moving of heavy loads (we start where others finish)

We can reach those places which are most difficult to access. We complete demanding tasks both for institutions (transport of armoured cabinets, relocation of safes) as well as for the medical industry (transport of medical equipment). As far as the banking sector is concerned, we carry out removals and transport of strongboxes and safes. We are happy to provide highly specialized transport to our customers, such as transport of property through window openings.

Our trained staff is able to transport any equipment to the most inaccessible places, while observing OHS regulations. For these purposes, the following can be used: cargo slings, hydraulic lifts, platforms for transport through windows, forklifts, foldable gantry cranes, and industrial hoisting cranes.

With us, your equipment will safely reach its destination.

In such difficult tasks, the safety factor is of utmost importance, which is why our insurance cover for €1.25 million provides an additional sense of security.

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