Foundations for machines, strip foundations, and reinforced concrete are some of the services we offer. They are intended for specialized tasks aimed at the foundation for a machine, production line or even an entire production hall.

We carry out the work according to the occupational health and safety regulations, without interfering with the production process. We work to achieve no downtime, accurately and quickly. We do all of this so that by contacting us, you are also provided with supervision services.

As part of our services, we provide:

  • Reinforced concrete
  • Foundations for machines
  • Strip foundations
  • Anchoring of machines
  • Foundation footings
  • Technological holes
  • Foundation plates

Reliability and accuracy are our motto, and this is particularly important when it comes to laying foundations. We carry out all commissioned works according to your designs, or if you do not have a design, we can prepare it comprehensively, so that the execution is as agreed and meets your expectations. We have extensive experience in industrial relocations and launching production lines.

The foundation and positioning of machines are frequent elements of the complex projects we undertake. Our construction services cover a broad scope of tasks, from the creation of the concept, through its implementation, to the completion of the investment. The best specialists accompany us at every stage.

Our business knows no borders, therefore we offer our services throughout Poland. We are not afraid of challenges, so don’t hesitate to consult our specialists. Together, we will find the best solution for you. We make foundations for tanks, machines, halls, production lines, but also foundations for masts and fans, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality and workmanship. Our many years of experience and our specialists’ qualifications make us market leaders in this sector. We treat each project individually and with full care.

We can also offer you services related to ground works and reinforced concrete tanks. The materials we use are selected according to your needs and requirements, so as to create a safe, functional and durable facility.

Specialist foundations built by our company guarantee the best investment, so your company will be satisfied.

If you are interested in how we work or want to learn more, take a look at our projects.

If you need consultation or an offer, please contact us.

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