Loading, unloading, reloading of machinery and equipment

As a professional relocation company, Oksel is able to load, unload and reload almost anything.

Extensive equipment and storage facilities allow us to perform even the most complex logistics projects.

We provide the following services:

  • removing and loading machinery,
  • unloading and bringing in of machinery,
  • reloading of machinery and equipment,
  • storage of containers,
  • loading and unloading of marine shipping containers .

Transporting huge quantities of goods, even to the other side of the world, is not a problem, thanks to the development of new technology. However, such undertakings increase the complexity of logistics processes. It is necessary to organise reloading or container storage places, which can be challenging. This is where Oksel can come to your rescue.

We provide services not only in the area of loading and unloading of machinery and containers– we can also organise reloading and storage of machinery or containers intended for shipping by sea. What makes us stand out is attention to detail, which ensures all our activities are safe for your cargo, and all work is carried out in accordance with a pre-agreed schedule.

We are prepared to complete even the most complex undertakings. Our extensive equipment and storage facilities, with optimized management, are able to carry out loading and unloading in a multi-path manner, resulting in high efficiency. We approach each customer in an individual way, and adjust our resources to the task at hand.

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