How much does it cost to transport a machine?

A lot of shopping is done online nowadays, so it should come as no surprise that this is becoming a trend in industry and agriculture as well. It is very easy to buy machines for industrial processing or agricultural equipment online, often at attractive prices, but with such online shopping a problem often appears. How to transport it, if the seller does not offer transport? The problem of transporting machines is also common in the event of changing the location of a production plant. So how much does it cost to transport machines and what does its price depend on?

The cost of transporting machines epends on many factors. The first parameter is, of course, how big the transported machine is. This is a question about both its external dimensions and the weight of the machine itself. For example, if the equipment weighs more than 42 tons, or is longer than 16.5 meters or wider than 2.5 meters, it is considered oversized, which has a significant impact on the price.

The next factor that significantly affects the price is the number of kilometers needed to travel; the longer the route, the higher the transport cost. It also depends on whether the machine is loaded and/or unloaded by the buyer or the seller. If the transport contractor is to take care of unloading and loading, the cost of these tasks will be reflected in the total cost. Or, in the case of transporting agricultural vehicles, the cost of loading and unloading can be neglected if it can be driven onto the transport vehicle. Additionally, in the case of international transport, the cost of required permits and vignettes will be added to the price.

In the case of loading and unloading on the contractor's side, the rate will depend on how the process will be carried out, whether using a crane or forklift. It also depends on how complicated this operation will be, which is usually directly related to the size of the machine.

How much does it cost to transport the machine? It is difficult to estimate a universal price, but you can find approximate ranges for typical transports (ones without significant complications or oversized dimensions.) Usually the price is given in PLN per kilometer. On average, it ranges from PLN 3 to 9 per kilometer.

However, it is worth remembering that in the case of very long or very short routes, the overall cost may be calculated differently. For example, in the case of a 10 km route, it is hard to expect the cost of the service to be PLN 30. It would be unreasonable due to the mere cost of mobilization. In such cases, different, non-standard prices should be expected.

Are the prices unreasonable? Rather not, considering how quickly these machines will pay off the cost of their transport. So, if you bought machines or agricultural equipment abroad, it is definitely worth using the transport services of machines at OKSELL. Contact us and get the price and expected time for the task.