How much does it cost to rent a crane?

For many operations,renting a static crane s often seen as a last resort, because it is frequently associated with absurdly high prices. However, the cost of utilizing a crane need not be high, especially considering how efficiently a job can be performed with one. So, how much does a working hour of a crane cost and what do these prices depend on?

What determines the cost of renting a crane?

There are many types of cranes, and similarly, many different prices for renting them. The first factor affecting the price is the lifting capacity of the machine. Of course, the higher lifting capacity, or the larger the crane, the higher the rental price. Higher level equipment is correspondingly more expensive to rent.

The price will increase even more when dealing with large cranes that need additional ballasts to work (loads that add weight to the crane, allowing for the lifting of heavy loads). These ballasts must also be transported on trucks, which is an additional cost of delivery.

The cost of renting a crane, is also influenced by the total time of the work performed. This is quite obvious, however it’s not just the number of working hours of the machine, but also how long such a crane will be needed in a given place. The price of renting for a few days will be significantly different than for a month. Often, the price for renting for a longer period can be more attractive, because it will not include transporting the crane multiple times for individual jobs.

The last factor that affects the price of renting a crane is, of course, the distance that will be necessary to transport the machine to the workplace. Typically, the price of such trips is calculated per kilometer (roundtrip). These rates are quite high, amounting to about PLN 15 per kilometer, yet this is quite understandable, as the largest machines will often have additional costs of mobilization.

Is it possible to create a simple price list?

Creating a price list is possible, but not simple. Numerous variables related to machine parameters and order characteristics can greatly influence the price. Generally, however, it can be assumed that the crane rental price ranges from PLN 150 to PLN 600 per hour (including the machine operator). The cost of transporting a crane (without ballasts) should be in the range of PLN 13 to PLN 35 per kilometer, depending on the size of the device.

With small-scale projects, the price of renting a crane can be attractive and, sometimes doing so can actually help avoid costs that could result from attempts to circumvent the use of a crane. It’s a similar story for large jobs, as services of this type are almost impossible to replace. Proven specialists are what counts the most. You can rely on OKSEL, so call today and ask for an individual service quote.