How much does it cost to relocate your company?

Moving an establishment is a serious, multi-stage undertaking that, if carried out inadequately, can negatively impact operations. For this reason, it is beneficial to use the help of professionals who will take care of everything from the beginning to end, carrying out the entire process quickly and efficiently.

What factors affect the cost of relocating your company?

The first and most basic aspect affecting the price is the size of the establishment; large companies, will require more equipment and machines to relocate, which also need to be transported to location. For many businesses which are involved in production, it may be necessary to use equipment such as forklifts or static or mobile cranes. The type and amount of equipment needed will significantly affect the price. Furthermore, the number of employees that will be necessary for a smooth relocation is also an important factor.

If the transport company is also responsible for preparing machines and equipment to operate, through set-up or installation in a new location, the price will also increase.

How can you predict the cost of relocating your company?

This is a difficult task, because each situation is unique, and the costs of such relocations can vary significantly. Prices change mainly due to the scale of the order. The cost of relocating an office will be much lower than relocating a factory. The heavier and larger the equipment, and the more complicated the area of ​​work, the higher the cost of moving.

To calculate the cost of such a project, we primarily consider the main factors, such as working time and equipment used. Let's assume a relatively typical situation from which you can approximate prices, by scaling it according to your needs.

Company X, which deals with the production of furniture, has recently been hiring more employees, and their increased sales allow for scaling up of their operations.

As such, they wish to move their headquarters. Their plant is equipped with two large milling machines and two CNC lathes, used for production. In addition, the office space will also be relocated. The scale of the office stays the same, but for obvious reasons it needs to be moved as well. So we transport a copier, a server rack, and some office furniture.

Company X's headquarters are located 20 kilometers from the transport company’s location, and the new headquarters are 5 kilometers from the old location.

The execution of the order will take two working days under good conditions. To load and unload the machines, you will need a mobile crane (cost per working hour=150 PLN), two forklifts (cost per working hour=100 PLN) and two trucks. In addition to the machine operators, additional workers will be needed to disassemble and reassemble the equipment, and to load furniture and small equipment onto cars.

The mobile crane will have to work a total of 4 hours for both days, so the cost of this work will be PLN 600, or PLN 800 including cost of transport. Additionally, trolleys will be needed almost the entire time to transport everything quickly, a cost of around PLN 1,500. Furthermore, the cost of transporting everything by cars will be around PLN 200. At the end, we need to account for the cost of physical labor of employees, which we can assume will be about PLN 1,500.

In this scenario, you will pay about PLN 4,500 for the company's relocationHowever, keep in mind that this type of estimation is not exact. After adding the cost of commuting, the price could quickly exceed PLN 5,000.

The most important thing with relocations, however, is to choose a proven company, such as OKSEL. We will provide you with peace of mind when moving the company. We will also provide you with an order quote, which will be a much better answer to the question "what is the cost of relocating my company?”