How much does it cost to relocate an industrial machine?

Moving machines is often an aspect that companies must consider, especially in the early stages of their operations. It often turns out that the current production hall is too small, and the company's budget can allow for moving operations to a better location. This will allow you to further develop the company as well. So, how much does it cost to relocate machines?

Factors affecting the cost of industrial machinery relocations

Moving industrial machinery is often a complicated and multi-stage process. The scale of such ventures can often be overwhelming to the inexperienced. That is why it is essential to enlist specialists who know how to handle such projects. Above all, the cost is influenced by how many machines will have to be relocated and at what distance.

Of course, the relocation of an entire production plant, including assembly lines and machine tools, will be drastically more expensive than the disassembly, transport and reassembly of a single lathe or milling machine. The heavier the machine, the more advanced equipment is needed to relocate it, which is another factor influencing the cost. Yet another factor is how the machine had been installed, and how it should be reinstalled. In the case of equipment anchored to the floor, the price will be higher than for simple, unanchored installations. Due to the varied nature of such projects, it is impossible to give a clear and simple answer about the cost. Price estimations for relocate machines are possible only after getting to know the details of the project.

Another important aspect is whether the relocation is to be complete, i.e. whether the transport company needs to fully disassemble all elements of the transported machine, or whether this will be done by the client, in preparation for transport. Reliable transportation companies such as OKSEL can carry out the entire process for you, including the assembly of all hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems in the new plant.

The price will also differ depending on whether the machine is to be relocated over a large distance or, for example, within the area of one plant. Further transport requires better protection, moreover, if the contractor is to re-assemble the machine, it may be necessary to transport the disassembly equipment to the new machine location. In other words, it is the distance and the amount of equipment that will have to be transported that have a dramatic effect on the price.

The last factor, which should not be overlooked when discussing the cost of large-scale relocation is the complexity of getting everything ready, from start to finish. It is not only the preparation of equipment for transport, or securing the cargo. There are other necessary components, such as preparing the optimal route or obtaining approvals from road authorities for transporting machines of oversized loads.

How much does it cost to relocate industrial machinery? The short answer: It depends. You can find out how much this will be for your project, if you contact us. Each of the above factors will have an impact on the price.