How much does it cost to load and unload a machine?

Transport and relocation of machines is a complicated process, which can be expensive. Often, the cost of loading and unloading itself should be added to total cost calculations. It may also be the case that we have an available means of transport, and outsourcing is not necessary, but we do not have the tools to load the machine.

Let’s consider a hypothetical situation. You have a company and you bought a CNC machine tool in another country, which will be delivered to you on a truck by the seller, but it is necessary to unload and assemble it. The opposite can also be the case: you might have sold a machine and the shipment is on your side. How much does it cost to load and unload the machine?

What determines the price of unloading the machine?

The factors affecting the cost of loading the machine are, first of all, the distance from the place of loading (the cost of transporting equipment to loading site) and the type of equipment needed to complete the order.. Depending on the size of the machine, this can be done with a forklift, mobile crane, or static crane. If you additionally need to prepare your equipment for transport, this must also be considered. Properly securing large equipment, especially if it is to be transported over long distances, is a challenge that requires the right planning and resources, contributing to a price increase.

So how can you accurately calculate the value of a completed order?

It’s quite simple. You take the cost of transporting equipment to where the loading/unloading is carried out, and add the cost of work of the equipment used for this order. What prices are we talking about exactly?

Crane travel costs from PLN 13 to PLN 35 per kilometer (roundtrip), and the cost of a man-hour is from PLN 150 to PLN 600.

In the case of mobile hydraulic cranes, price ranges from PLN 150-300 per man-hour.

Meanwhile, forklift truck costs aboutPLN 100 per man-hour.


The cost of loading the machine is not extreme, and it’s easy to estimate the exact cost of your order. The hardest variable to predict is how long the work will take, but if it’s taken care of by professionals, this shouldn't take too long.

Returning to the initial hypothetical situation, how much will it cost to unload the machine? Let's assume that it is necessary to transport a distance of 30 kilometers, and a mobile crane is needed to remove the CNC machine from the truck. The cost of the trip will be about PLN 150, and the process itself should not take more than 2 hours. In this case, the company will have to pay as little as PLN 450. If they would like the machine to be assembled by the same company,that did the unloading, the price would of course be increased accordingly.

As you can see, the prices are not exorbitant, and the process is extremely fast. You can rely on the professionals at OKSEL and enjoy the correctly performed loading / unloading of the machine.