Our forklifts and expertise have many capabilities...

Oksel has at its disposal specialized forklifts with loading weight up to 16 tonnes and lifting height up to 10 metres. We rent trucks with or without an operator, for either short or long term. We execute orders for loading, unloading and reloading. We are able to perform even the most demanding tasks for a forklift. Our specialists are at your disposal.

We provide forklift truck rental within Katowice and Silesia, as well as throughout Poland.

We can deliver a rented forklift to the indicated place and then pick it up, making this an incredibly convenient way of renting.

If you care about the reliability of the service and efficient equipment, you can count on us. In addition to the rental of forklifts and transport machines, we specialize in the transport of heavy and atypical items.

We have electric and combustion-powered forklifts for rent. Forklifts designed for lighter jobs (4-8 tons) include Toyota and Still models, while for heavier jobs (8-16 tons), we have Kalmar and Manitou forklifts.

See a list of available forklifts below:

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