Disposal, scrapping of machinery and equipment

If a machine in your company has finished its service life and is suitable for scrapping, or you plan to dismantle machinery/production lines, we can take care of this for you.

Machinery scrapping, disposal of machinery and equipment–all in line with occupational health and safety rules, and environmental regulations.

The process of normal wear and tear affects all equipment, regardless of whether it is mechanical, electronic or hydraulic equipment–they all have a set lifespan. However, their disposal can be challenging. For Oksel, disposal of machinery is not a major problem no matter the type of equipment. We make every effort to ensure that all work is performed smoothly, without disturbing the plant’s operation. We are aware that the decision on scrapping equipment is often related to replacing such equipment with a newer model. Therefore, we complete our orders on time and in such a way to allow for problem-free installation of the new equipment. If it differs from the previously installed piece of equipment, we can construct foundations for equipment, or design and build new systems (hydraulic, electrical, water and pneumatic).

The first stage of a project is planning. We analyse what solutions will be most optimal so that machinery scrapping takes as little time as possible. Equipment disposal has to be carried out not only efficiently, but also safely. All activities are undertaken with employee safety in mind, and with consideration of environmental impacts. Any hazardous and harmful substances are disposed of in accordance with regulations and accepted standards. We utilize all the appropriate means and resources, which make the whole process run smoothly and in an undisturbed fashion.

Why is it beneficial to take advantage of our services? Industrial equipment disposal requires appropriate technical resources and skills, as well as experienced staff that is able to undertake even the most complex projects. The satisfaction of customers for whom we have completed scrapping of equipment is confirmed in their letters of reference.

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