Disassembly, assembly and transport of an injection molding machine, from Opole to Chodzież

Machine relocation is one of the most difficult tasks of industrial transport. We have the necessary experience in the implementation of such projects, which is why we were commissioned to relocate the injection molding machine from the Opole Voivodeship to Chodzież, in the Greater Poland Voivodeship.

The initial stage of this project involved developing a relocation plan and analyzing the places where the machine will be taken from and moved to. We identified all potential threats that may appear during the relocation of the machine. We then utilized all appropriate resources for this project, engaging a team of experienced employees, a 160 tonne crane, rollers for transporting machines and a 16 tonne trolley.

The first order of business was to disassemble the injection molding machines, along with all systems that were connected to the machines. It was also necessary to uninstall the supporting robots. All the equipment was packed and secured for transport with due diligence. The loading of the injection molding machine required precision, to prevent damage to the machine or any of its parts, which could not be dismantled due to their permanent nature. Due to the size of injection molding machines, the transport had to be carried out on platforms. After reaching the destination, our team started the re-assembly process.

The assembly of the injection molding machine requires the appropriate preparation of the site, anchoring of the machine, installation of utilities, and anchoring, leveling and positioning of the machine heads. The entire process went smoothly. Thanks to the vast experience of our team, we managed to minimize the risk of undesirable events, which made the relocation of the injection molding machine a success.