Comprehensive relocation of production lines, from Tychy to Sosnowiec

Silesia is the most industrialized region of Poland. The enormity of industrial investments within cities such as Tychy and Sosnowiec, means that the plants are expanding by adding new facilities.

This allows for more effective use of new space. However, it is necessary to take actions such as the relocation of production lines.. Despite appearances, this process (also known as the relocation of machines), is a very complex process. It requires disassembly of the installation in the old facility, and preparation of a new facility for installation, which can involve making foundations and drilling holes for machines and other technology, and coordinating all the necessary hydraulic, pneumatic, water and/or electric installations.

The relocation of production lines, regardless of whether the destination is Sosnowiec or Tychy, requires precise transport of individual elements as well as assembly in a new location. Not only is speed required here, but also precision; this means minimizing all risks, and ensuring the safety of people and equipment located on the premises of the plant.

Oksel has already performed numerous relocations of production lines, which is why we are the most frequently chosen company when it is necessary to move a production line, especially when it is based in cities such as Sosnowiec or Tychy.

We can provide references confirming that we fully and comprehensively carried out transfers of production lines at the highest level, guaranteeing high quality and full investor satisfaction.

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